We maintain and will maintain a permanent dialogue with the Government of the Republic of Armenia, as well as with international institutions.

The Gathering of the Elected Representatives of Armenia and France (REAF) accompanies us in this process.

It is the political guarantor of our commitments, because its mission is to establish and consolidate more links between the elected representatives of our two countries.

In this dynamic, we have already presented our program and our objectives to Mrs. Hasmik TOMALDJIAN, Ambassador of the Republic of Armenia in France, as well as to Mr. Zareh SINANYAN, High Commissioner for Diaspora Affairs.

In view of the urgency of the acts of war that we have been experiencing since the autumn of 2020, we are first working to strengthen the existing military training structures.

In doing so, the Armenian Movement, supported by the REAF (Rassemblement des Elus d’Arménie et de France), is the de facto reference body of the Armenian Diaspora in France.