Rémy MAKINADJIAN, Deborah ZABOUNIAN, Jacques Raffy PAPAZIAN, Nare TADEVOSYAN, Narek TADEVOSYAN, Sevag SARIKAYA, Guy KACHANIAN, Jean-Christophe BUISSON decided, during the summer of 2019, to submit to the members of the Government of the Republic of ” Armenia the project of a new structural dynamic in France, reflecting the axes and challenges facing the Republic of Armenia, the Republic of Artsakh and the Diaspora on the basis of the resolutions taken at the XVII Summit of la Francophonie, which was held in Yerevan, in 2018, under the high patronage of Mr. Nikol PASHINYAN, Prime Minister of the Republic of Armenia, as part of the development and sustainable mutual support Armenia-Diaspora.

The objective of this 2020 project is to assert real ambition, real coordination and concern for the professionalization of our projects, in order to demonstrate better efficiency for Armenia and Artsakh. By proposing a new national, political, economic, social, ecological and cultural Armenian paradigm responding to the problems of our time. Built with all the values ​​dear to every Armenian in the diaspora living in France or in Europe.

The Armenian Movement wants to unite and unite the diaspora around a project that mobilizes every Armenian, wherever he is and whatever his political opinions. The diaspora is a reservoir of human resources with multinational knowledge and experience. Very few nation states have such an asset. Moreover, we live in the age of mass media and the Diaspora has potential beyond Armenia itself to expose our narrative, our common destiny.

LMA wants to address all Armenians in France and Europe in order to build a common project with all members by putting participatory democracy at the heart of the movement.

From January 2021, we will submit an online collaborative “platform” and we will propose the setting up of a major consultation on the various axes of work to be carried out for the development of a program towards the ‘Armenia.

The will of the ARMENIAN MOVEMENT is to reform the diaspora with each Armenian by placing democracy and plurality of opinion at the heart of it.

The ARMENIAN MOVEMENT will put at the heart of its project the Armenian youth, who represent the future and the essence of our Nation, creativity and hope for a better world. We have a duty to do this today to future generations.

The ARMENIAN MOVEMENT will be a movement accessible to all, it will absolutely not be necessary to be a member of an association to join, with one click and without constraint. Everyone should be exemplary in their way of representing the movement and should be driven by team spirit. This measure of openness is unprecedented in the history of the Armenian community in France, it constitutes a central asset, the desire for the widest possible gathering with a modern approach adapted to the times in which we live, far from the archaic functioning in which the community has been locked up for decades. LMA will work on setting up a communication hub with WEBTV and a modern website dedicated to streaming Armenian news to the general public. The objective of the movement is to make the diaspora aware that the future of Armenia will pass through the individual involvement of each Armenian in the world, through the coordination of actions, support projects or donation towards of Armenia. We are already announcing a collaborative partnership with the association “REAF”, the Rally of Elected Representatives of Armenia and France, whose president, Deborah Zabounian, is one of the founders of the Armenian Movement.

We call on the Armenian youth of Europe to organize around our movement and join us.

The Armenian Movement aims to:

  1. Bring together citizens of Armenian origin living on French and European national territory through a platform.
  2. Work on the development of a program towards Armenia with the members, putting participatory democracy at the heart of our action.
  3. Create an Armenian WEBTV and a modern Armenian media, dedicated to relaying Armenian information continuously on all communication media.
  4. To promote Armenia on the international scene, through culture, art, history, by organizing events.
  5. Make the diaspora aware that the future of Armenia will depend on the individual involvement of each Armenian through actions or support towards Armenia.
  6. Establish partnerships with other organizations which aim to lobby French and European institutions.
  7. Maintain a permanent dialogue with the government of the Republic of Armenia

Rémy MAKINADJIAN will be the first president of the Armenian Movement. A direct election will be organized in the coming months, once the program has been discussed during the consultations, then we will submit a roadmap to members in order to validate an executive and the program.

Jacques Raffy Papazian, the general secretary of the movement, Sevak Sarikaya, the treasurer.

Déborah Zabounian will be in charge of relations with elected officials of the Republic.

Nare and Narek TADEVOSYAN will take care of setting up the WEBTV.

Jean-Christophe Buisson will be the honorary sponsor and founding member of the Armenian Movement.