There is no existential struggle without a project for the future.
We have at heart to promote the influence of Armenia on the international scene.

We are implementing action plans to, first of all, make Armenia known, share its genius, disseminate its culture, show its influence in the history of the arts, recount the achievements and dramas of its history, and recall its contribution to the adventure of civilizations.

Like few others, our diaspora has kept its commitment to assimilation in France.

It has renounced some of its values to blend into the great family of the French.

However, every Armenian of French nationality carries a heritage from ancient times.

It is now time to value it as an integral part of the universal heritage and to bring it to life, to make it active and not frozen in time.

Companies should also be encouraged to invest in Armenia.

Our country was founded by a thousand-year-old nation that has already demonstrated its ability to invent, innovate, and excel in scientific fields.

Finally, we ask Armenians in France and elsewhere to understand that this is not about us but about Armenia, and to understand that we are no longer speaking as a diaspora expressing its anguish.

We are talking about acting methodically for the survival of this country.

We ask those who have accompanied us so far to leave us free to act towards others, because when it comes to Armenia, there is no longer a camp.

We turn to all Armenians and their friends, whatever their backgrounds, their opinions, their ideals, may they become with us the actors of Armenia’s destiny as long as they love it.