Our main ambition is to gather the Armenian diaspora and its supporters around a mobilizing project, wherever it resides and whatever its opinions.

The Armenian Movement is open to all without exception.
We, Armenians with origins in many countries, especially in the West,

represent a considerable asset for the country of our ancestors.
An economic asset, but more specifically a healing factor for Armenia.

When Armenia is threatened to be destroyed by an ultra-determined Turkish plan that is still in action, our diaspora can no longer be content to act in a disorderly manner.

It is now time to speak with one voice, to weigh as French citizens for the existence of Armenia and to accelerate its resilience in the face of hardship.

We want a flawless democracy.

Irreproachable democracy is the participation of everyone in defining the destiny of all.

Irreproachable democracy is not a democracy where appointments are made on the basis of connivance and friendship, but on the basis of competence. If we want to be respected, we must be respectable.

Any person of good will, concerned about the future of Armenia, French, European or elsewhere is welcome.

The democratic process will soon be engaged so that our members can vote for their representatives.