Nikol Pachinyan in Paris

At the landing of the delegation of Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan in Paris, we met last night Alen Simonyan, Vice-President of the National Assembly of Armenia.

It was an opportunity for us to present the Armenian Movement to a legislative body in office and to express our determination to a better involvement of the Armenian Diaspora from France and elsewhere in the political and economic future of Armenia.

With the electoral deadline that is taking place in a few weeks, such a meeting is necessary to establish working relations with personalities who are destined to weigh in the public debate in the future of Armenia, do not mind those who want to reduce the good will of Armenians to partisan canvas, particularly sterile in such perilous times.

Rémy Makinadjian (Président), Jacques Raffy Papazian (Secrétaire Général), Hamlet Atoyan (Directeur des relations Arménie – Diaspora)

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